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Standard Care

Giving your pet loving care while you're away.

Standard Care Daily Schedule

Standard Care guests are provided with the following daily services:

Standard Care for Dogs

  • Welcome biscuit on arrival (hypoallergenic treats available upon request!)
  • Daily "room service" with individually prepared meals (your food or ours)
  • Two potty breaks and two individual or small group playtimes in our outdoor yards per day. (4 outdoor breaks and 2 playtime in total.)
  • Suites with Kuranda Cots, plush bedding or anti-slip yoga mats for senior pets
  • Complimentary pre-departure bath for stays of 7 nights or over *BY REQUEST ONLY*

Standard Care for Cats

All cats have a morning stretch period while their condo is completely cleaned and disinfected. Stays include a 20-minute playtime session in and around the condo area where activities include climbing on the floor to ceiling scratch post, chasing "mice" around the room, or just relaxing on a perch and watching the world go by!

Typical Daily Schedule

7:00am - 8:00pm

Wake up call, Potty Break, Breakfast, Housekeeping

9:00am – 2pm

Outdoor individual or group play times. Optional Romp times, optional Busy Bones, Optional Homemade Frosty Treats, Optional Kitty Brush out and snuggles.

12pm - 1pm

Lunch and/or snack time

2 PM – 6 PM

Afternoon playtimes. Optional Spa treatments (bath, nails, ear cleanings)

6 PM – 7 PM

Dinner and/or snack time

7 PM - 9PM

Evening Potty Break. Optional bedtime tuck-in

Standard Care Boarding $practice