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Cat Rooms & Rates

Book your cat in a comfy condo while you're away.

Our feline friends are the center of attention at Valley Inn for Pets. Cats enjoy individual condominiums with Lucite fronts enabling them to keep an eye on the busy Valley Veterinary lobby. If your feline friend needs more room to move or wants to stay with another family member, we can connect condominiums for a double suite.

Cat Boarding Rates

Single Suite - $34.50/night/pet

  • 2'2" x 2'2" x 2'2"


Double Suite - $44.50/night/pet

  • 2'2" x 4'4" x 2'2"

All rates are charged by the night with a check-in time of 2:00pm and check-out time of 10:00am

  • Early Arrival Daycare Fee - $11.00 for Cats

    • Pets checking in after 10:00am and before 2:00pm
  • Late Departure Daycare Fee - $11.00 for Cats

    • Pets checking out after 10:00am and prior to 2:00pm


  • Shared Facility Discount
    • $10 off normal rate per pet per day.
  • Multiple Pet Discount
    • $10 off normal rate per pet per day

Discounts cannot be combined 

Please call us at (413) 584-5252 or Email Us for an estimate of your pet's vacation cost including all discounts

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