320 Russell Street (Route 9) Hadley, MA 01035 Hospital: 413-584-1223 Inn for Pets: 413-584-5252

Our Mission

At Valley Inn for Pets, we are dedicated to providing all the love, comfort, and individual attention that pets receive at home to every pet entrusted to our care. The safety and cleanliness of all of our guests is always a top priority. We strive to maintain accurate, prompt and courteous communication at all times with pet owners, team members and our on-site veterinary care professionals.


Valley Vet Pet Hotel Hadley, MA, Northampton MA
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Cat Boarding Rates

Our feline friends are the center of attention at Valley Inn for Pets. Cats enjoy individual 2'2" x 2'2" x 2'2" condominiums with Lucite fronts enabling them to keep an eye on the busy Valley Veterinary lobby. If your feline friend needs more room to move or wants to stay with another family member, we can connect condominiums for a double suite measuring 2'2" x 4'4" x 2' 2". All cats have a morning stretch period while their condo is completely cleaned and disinfected. Stays include a 20-minute playtime session in and around the condo area where activities include climbing on the floor to ceiling scratch post, chasing "mice" around the room, or just relaxing on a perch and watching the world go by!

Rate Definitions

All rates are calculated by the night with a CHECK-IN time of 2 PM and a CHECK-OUT time of 10 AM.

Pets checking out after 10 AM and prior to 2 PM will have a late departure daycare fee of $7.50 applied.

Pets checking out after 2 PM will have a  daycare fee of $15 applied.

Pets checking in before 2 PM and after 10 AM will have a early arrival daycare fee of $7.50 applied.

Pets checking in before 10 AM will have a daycare fee of $15 applied.



Multiple Pet Discount of $5 off per pet per day.

Shared Facility Discount of $10 off per pet per day.

Extended Stay Discount of 10/15/20/25% off at 7/14/21/28 days.

Cat Boarding Rates

Room Price / Pet
Single $22/night
Double $32/night